Desert Chrome

ChromeMy book, Desert Chrome, will be published by Torrey House Press in the spring of 2021 (!). Here he is, the inspiration: mustang stallion Chrome, photo by TJ Holmes. If only my words can do him justice…

15 thoughts on “Desert Chrome

  1. Totally great. Does this mean the contract part is over and done? And you get to keep your title? It is going to be gorgeous and you already have done justice to him….Hallelujah! Xo h


  2. Cooler than the coolest of cools!

    And I have no doubt that your words will do him justice.

    Margaret (Peg) Pierce Sent from my iPhone


  3. Absolutely thrilling, Kat, that your hard work and the beautiful world and story you share with Chrome will be abroad in the world.

  4. I’m so jazzed about this, Kat — for you and for all the readers out there who will have your rich story in their hands. And so glad to see TJ’s photo!

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