Last week the Sarton Women’s Book Award announced their winners and finalists; Desert Chrome and I are honored to be among the finalists–thank you Story Circle Network! And Torrey House Press, always. The week before, I learned that I had another essay listed as a Best American Essays “notable,” this one in Best American Essays 2022. … Continue reading

The End

The cow elk has rested there for days after her struggle to free her right hind leg from the death trap of the smooth, “wildlife-friendly,” high-tensile-wire fence. Somehow she’d stepped between the bottom two wires and they twisted and tightened around thick, solid bone and she was already dead a day when I first saw the … Continue reading

Sometimes I Choose Fiction

A real-life scenario that took place at the ranch, which I gave to my in-progress novel, Mustang Crossing: Checking wild horse records with Jake reminded Jessi of going through the cattle records with her father, which reminded her of doing the same when her mother was alive, and even Colter. While she preferred being ahorseback, … Continue reading

Desert Chrome Out Loud!

Following are some of the places where you can now find Desert Chrome: Water, a Woman, and Wild Horses in the West in audio! (The first, audiobooks, supports indie bookstores.) The audiobook was just released, and other carriers will have it soon.  Please know that positive reviews and a lot of stars are most helpful to … Continue reading