Colorado Book Awards

I am thrilled to announce that Desert Chrome is a 2022 Colorado Book Awards finalist in Creative Nonfiction! On June 25, in Denver, Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book will host a ceremony to announce the winner, while I will be on the Main Salmon River at a writing workshop with David James Duncan … Continue reading

I’m ba-aack

First I have to say that my silence here has been generated by technological challenges—it has taken me this long (since Tyler’s birthday in November!) to figure out how to access Microsoft Word on this new laptop, and then how to get into my own blog on this new laptop. Embarrassing and true. Somehow today … Continue reading

Birth Day

I awake into memory of another dark morning, a large growth in my belly rising and falling as if with its own life, the room quietly active, a doctor swooshing in and out, a nurse, a husband somewhere, my friend Cindy on her way, my mother with my firstborn, Kenney, back at the ranch, me … Continue reading


This week was a whirlwind of mustang activity, at least for me, at least in a symbolic albeit sedentary way (sitting on my butt but not on a horse). On Saturday, October 23, we celebrated the ten-year anniversary of NO ROUNDUPS IN SPRING CREEK BASIN, and the fifty-year anniversary of the unanimous signing of the … Continue reading

Because, today…

From Desert Chrome: Water, a Woman, and Wild Horses in the West Detritus: Sierra Nevada, 1971. October light leaks in between slats of graying barn wood. A yellow stripe marks Craig’s cheek, his shoulder. I taste salt and smell the sun on his skin and in the hay beneath me that makes our bed in the … Continue reading