Thursday Notes

A moose’s upper lip, stronger than a horse’s, reaches to grasp last summer’s dried growth on the tops of narrowleaf willows, and strips the branches clean. White spruce take two years to produce pinecones and seeds, of which only about three percent will germinate. Spring comes to the trees by way of 32-degree-and-upwards soil temperatures. … Continue reading

Wednesday Notes from Denali

“A caribou’s hind feet are smaller than its front feet.” “Snowshoe hares have dwindled in number dramatically.” Northern lights: Tyler sees green when I see white. The camera shows green. When someone says how dry Alaska is, ask him or her, compared to what? Anchorage and Talkeetna and Denali National Park are not dry compared … Continue reading


My job as Artist-in-Residence here at Denali National Park and Preserve is to write. Yet rarely have I found myself so wordless. Today Tyler and I went to Savage Cabin to meet with a botanist and the other Artist-in-Residence, Sara Tabbert. Sara is a printmaker whose carved woodblocks carry the depth and texture of the natural world … Continue reading