1) Perhaps one of the “publications” of which I’m most proud, from the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of Poets & Writers:


2) When “Sex on Slickrock” was published (, I was asked to give advice to aspiring writers. Here it is:

From one aspiring writer to another: Write often, go to workshops, write; meet other writers, fall in love with good people, read often, write; edit manuscripts of your own and others for the practice of it, write; find ways to love even if you’re hurt, write; be angry on the page and elsewhere but don’t intentionally hurt anyone, write; read the works of successful writers in your genre, in every genre, write; go outside often and watch birds fly in flocks or soar alone and know that every one of them started in a warm nest somewhere and had help, write; write about birds and love and pain and your children or horses or dogs, or your children and horses and dogs, write about cats, trash, tires, a bridge, a rock, water, tears, just write; write outside, write in your car, write everywhere, write; read and write and workshop and write and edit and write and love and write and . . . write!

3) Now, news: In addition to this year’s publications, which included the two above (I know the letter to P&W doesn’t really count, but I’m counting it) plus “October,”; “Grounded,”; “Getting Ready” in the anthology Deserts: The First Five Years of the Waterston Writing Prize; and “The Weight of It,”; and being a 2019 finalist for the Ellen Meloy Fund Desert Writers’ Award, rumor has it that Desert Chrome may have found a home.

I hope the remainder of your year is good, too!




2 thoughts on “Shorts

  1. What an absolutely stunning year you have had, congratulations! Your letter is great, as is your advice, and your publications and honors are terrific and wow, topped off by the great new news. I’m stoked. Congratulations! Love love, h

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