4 thoughts on “Counting Mustangs

  1. Read it. Loved it. Hated the situation. Posted it. Commented on it. So proud of your activism, tireless energy, dedication, great brain, and, well, just so proud of who you are.

    Margaret (Peg) Pierce Sent from my iPhone


  2. Kat this is excellent, and disturbing. Are “they” claiming large numbers of mustangs to justify removal and if so, who benefits? You stir up important questions….. h

  3. Only now “found” your blog – the vaccine story brought it home to me! No longer have a horse – my boy (App) was put down in December 2002. But he once had a reaction to a vaccine – the only time my vet had given it in his hip! Never again! He had a large abscess which eventually broke – my vet was horrified – never had that happen before! It was a shame your boy couldnt get to the clinic – Buck Brannaman? The greatest.

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