Back of Beyond and beyond…

In his final newsletter, Andy Nettell, formerly (as of last week) of Back of Beyond Books, which he just sold to David Everitt, wrote this important reminder and guide about shopping for both print and audio books (I hope he forgives me for borrowing it):

Seven Ways to buy books locally and to support your community!!

For the hundredth time this week I heard, “I listened to that on Audible.” I plead with you to see point # 7 below. Over 90% of all audio books are purchased through Audible (owned and operated by Amazon). This is a monopoly! Only is fighting the good fight. Give them a chance–they are very good people and are working very hard to provide choices.

1) Shop on Back of Beyond Books website. There is no need to shop Amazon anymore with doing their fine work. Back of Beyond Books is an affiliate of and receive 30% from every purchase you make on the link above. 

 2) Come to the store. 83 N. Main St. The store is open 9 am to 5 pm daily.

3) Call us. 1-800-700-2859 or 435-259-5154. We have our database handy and are happy to hand deliver in the Moab Valley or drop-ship to your home. Special order titles are usually 20% off. 

 4) E-mail us at

 5) Buy direct on our website: [when you click on this link, you will see Desert Chrome pop up front and center!]. Our website offers about 300 of our best selling regional titles.

6) Buy gift cards–it’s like money in your book bank. 

7) Purchase your audio books via As long as you identify Back of Beyond Books as your bookseller, we will receive a % of the sale.

Andy Nettell

Thank you, Andy! I will miss seeing you when I stop in at Back of Beyond, best bookstore in the West I always said (when I worked there, before I worked there, after I worked there, now).

Desert Chrome by Kathryn Wilder with claret cup cactus in Disappointment Valley.

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