Sara_bunnyMy job as Artist-in-Residence here at Denali National Park and Preserve is to write. Yet rarely have I found myself so wordless. Today Tyler and I went to Savage Cabin to meet with a botanist and the other Artist-in-Residence, Sara Tabbert. Sara is a printmaker whose carved woodblocks carry the depth and texture of the natural world that inspires them, and there on the old plank table in the tiny ninety-year-old cabin stood two nearly completed pieces, with a third work-in-progress lying flat, ready for us to leave and the quiet of the white spruce woods to carry the artist back into the space of the carving. Human voices led us away, followed by a chattering early spring red squirrel, a large scrawking raven, and my own silence.  Sara_carving


Photos by Tyler Lausten

2 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Nice, Kat, and am eager to hear and read more. However, silence is a marvelous tribute to that vast space where you are…..

  2. Love hearing your voice again, respect your silence, It lets me imagine that beneath it there are your eyes, seeing, noticing a mind making connections. Always ready when the silence breaks to sit with you awhile.

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