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April Moon

I am a woman obsessed. Right now I’m obsessed with waiting for the moon to rise. With the sun having sunk, outside is just a bit too chilly for the waiting, so I’m perched at the edge of my bed, facing the eastern window, wondering which peak or pine the moon will choose for its … Continue reading

Progress Not Perfection

I am close to getting my manuscript turned in to publisher Torrey House Press. (How can I say that calmly? This is HUGE. I’ve been working on it for YEARS. My thesis of the same name (Desert Chrome) was turned in to thesis committee chair Lidia Yuknavitch and reader Chip Livingston nearly three years ago. Since then … Continue reading


This is a small excerpt from the forthcoming (in a year) Desert Chrome, because twenty-eight years ago now, as in today and tonight and tomorrow, this happened: Sonoran Desert 1992. Scott’s driving me south through the desert, to Tucson, to treatment. I try to write, journal in my lap, pen in my grip; I try to … Continue reading