Yesterday, High Desert Journal https://www.highdesertjournal.org published this essay in their most excellent online literary review: https://www.highdesertjournal.org/emergence-kathryn-wilder

Yesterday, cattle rancher H. Alan Day and dude rancher Russell True interviewed me for their podcast, The Cowboy Up Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-cowboy-up-podcast/id1521902050. It will air on Saturday, October 8, I’m told; I will share that link when I get it.

Tonight, TJ Holmes and I will be presenting about “our” mustangs in Spring Creek Basin (which belong to all y’all, too), and about Desert Chrome: Water, a Woman, and Wild Horses in the West, at the Cortez Public Library: https://www.facebook.com/CortezLibrary/photos/a.978348175537902/5616970215008985/

SOON, the audio version of Desert Chrome, read by the author (me!) will be available. Details forthcoming.

Alegre, Maia, and Houdini … and Hollywood’s shadow…some of “our” mustangs; photo by TJ Holmes

6 thoughts on “Emerged

  1. Dear Kat,

    I just opened this email and read your exquisite essay Emergence I think it’s called. And I am so moved. I felt your words in my belly, my heart, my spirit soared and plunged and dove and swam with your words. I cannot believe now they were just words! I felt like a song bigger than the world and quieter than a whisper was singing beating in my heart. I wanted to tell you immediately because I’m in my car (not driving) and my phone battery is about to die My tale is wagging



    • Oh, Lara, what a beautiful note of love and comradery between the spirits we are! Thank you so much for writing this to me, and for writing it so immediately and powerfully. Much aloha to you!

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