New Arrival

Look what I found in the mail! Actually several boxes were stacked on the road outside the gate at the ranch headquarters, where fortunately I found them before today’s rain and snow showers did!

Today is my mother’s birthday. I would say that I have received the biggest gift on her birthday, in addition to her being born, except that my sister, Terry Tobey, and my niece, Boots Tobey, are visiting my mother in person today—how wonderful is that?

Still, boxes of books and swirls of moisture make for a happy day of renewal and new arrivals. Hau‘oli lā hānau!

5 thoughts on “New Arrival

  1. What a story! And what a recovery! Just to think of the horror of finding them all soggy and ruined. omg. Disasters that didn’t happen make good stories. Happy Book Day To You! Love love h

    Sent from my iPad Helen Park Bigelow


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