One thought on “Withdrawal

  1. Hi it was great to wake up this morning and read this. It’s really good. I just joined THP. Unfortunately, in the form there wasn’t a way to mention you …..anyway it’s a great press and I wish I could read the books they will send. I’ll give them to the library here. And about ttw, she reminds me, in her loveliness, of Ann Raymond. You remember who she is. Well she is genuinely lovely too, and sometimes I wanted to stick a pin in it to see if it was real, but over the years I decided it is. It’s a very special, rare quality. Fascinating that she is at Harvard divinity school. Thats really serious stuff. Your great-grandfather got his doctorate there.

    I’m feeling oddly alone about my writing. Pouring so much into it… I dunno, maybe I should do some submitting but it’s pointless now. It’s odd, I surround myself with writers, always have, so why do I feel the vacuum? It’s probably just a writer’s version of the COVID-effect. Is that anything like how you are feeling? I’m not making any sense…. and for heavens sake, I woke up with the wonderful memory of the places I found in the meadow at Edith’s ranch, places where elk had slept, the meadow grass all bent down where they lay. And I have the perfect place to drop in that little detail. So that’s a gift, to wake up with that, and then read your fine piece. So maybe I’m feeling oddly alone but also very fortunate and eager to get to my computer. Blah blah blah, love h

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