Progress Not Perfection

I am close to getting my manuscript turned in to publisher Torrey House Press.

(How can I say that calmly? This is HUGE. I’ve been working on it for YEARS. My thesis of the same name (Desert Chrome) was turned in to thesis committee chair Lidia Yuknavitch and reader Chip Livingston nearly three years ago. Since then I have worked diligently, almost daily, on this book, taking breaks for other writing projects, or workshops, occasionally to see family. Taking breaks to work my other job. To sleep. Sometimes I cleaned the house. But in this latest push, dirty dishes and laundry pile up (fortunately most people with whom I’m close also have outdoor jobs and are prone to wearing dirty clothes. Fortunately no one comes to my home and sees my dirty dishes. Only dogs and cats see the inside of this cabin (contributing to the dirt). Fortunately the horses and cows stay outside.) I say all that calmly, too. But I don’t feel calm.)

Second try:


In the final stretch, the second wind about to kick in. Breathless, running, racing toward the finish line. The deadline. I think I can. . . .

Then comes the waiting, followed by more hurry and more waiting and, gods and publisher willing, on the other side of that, a book will be born.

Meanwhile, keep writing, all!

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