Junction, Utah

Last night I went to bed with a new novel, my excellent writer-friend Rebecca Lawton’s just-released Ebook, Junction, Utah. Reading a book for pleasure on a technical device—a machine—is a new experience for me. Oh, I’ve lugged my laptop to bed hundreds of times to work on my own manuscripts, but not to read for the sheer pleasure of reading. For that I prefer the newly old-fashioned tactile experience of soft pages I can bookmark and underline and dog-ear at will. The awkward transition to technologic reading only lasted about two sentences, however; by the end of the first paragraph I was no longer clutching hard plastic with mittened fingers poking out from under the blankets in my cold Colorado bedroom, but gripping the oars on a whitewater raft on a Utah river at highwater. Spring runoff buoyed me. The threat of Warm Springs Rapids below kept the pages turning. Heart hammering, I forgot they weren’t pages at all.

Junction, Utah by Rebecca Lawton (www.beccalawton.com) is available through www.smashwords.com and www.amazon.com. Now back to reading my favorite new book…

5 thoughts on “Junction, Utah

  1. Perfect! I’m leaving tomorrow for two weeks of tennis in a sleepy little non-tourist town in Mexico, and was pondering what to take to read. I read half the sample first chapter on Amazon… gripped!!! Thanks, and I hope you’re having fun. Nice that Ty was able to visit! Adios, hasta luego!

    • Rich! I got all kapakahi with “publishing” this blog/Web site–I did respond to this post when you first made it, my reply got lost, and I’ve since shied away from this technology. But…I’m back. How was Mexico, and what did you think of Junction, Utah?

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